The ideal partner for fabrics ready for printing and/or dyeing.

100% customer-oriented: constant research, a wide-ranging collection and speedy deliveries.

These are the distinguishing features that our customers have always known us for and that we build on every day, in order to guarantee the highest standards. But that’s not all: an ability to communicate well with suppliers is fundamental to ensure that what we offer is both varied and innovative.

Thanks to its research into and creation of new and challenging items, LARIOTEX’s set of samples is one of the most comprehensive, with a special focus on polyester and viscose fabrics and a targeted eye on silk. And of course, other fibres, such as cotton, linen and many more, are certainly not left out of the equation.

We are not looking for mere customers or suppliers.

Our ambition is to work on decisions and projects together, adopting innovative approaches and development strategies. We are convinced that doing business above all means communicating and collaborating: by working together, we grow.

Lariotex SpA a socio unico
Strada Provinciale per Bulgorello, 5
22070 Vertemate con Minoprio (Co), Italia
Tel. +39 031 90 14 61 / Fax +39 031 88 75 76

Iscr. Reg. Imprese, C.F. e P.I: 03476340132
Capitale Sociale: 6.000.000,00 i.v.

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