Our colour is blue, as well as green.

We have published the Integrated Report 2021

As of 2017, we having been paying special attention to the issue of sustainability, and in particular to limiting the use of hazardous chemicals in our output.

This focus has two clear objectives: reducing the release of pollutants into the environment and ensuring increasingly restrictive limits to the presence of chemicals hazardous for both people and the environment on the products delivered to our customers.

We have therefore developed a specific project aimed at implementing a chemical management system, in accordance with the 4sustainability® Protocol ( We have adopted the 4sustainability® PRSL (Product Restricted Substances List) and the ZDHC MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List –

These specifications mark the first step towards reducing chemical risks in production processes, which is why they will be reviewed and reworked as time goes by, to reflect the latest technical knowledge on the subject, with the aim of continuously improving.

Our goals as far as sustainability is concerned are an integral part of every strategic corporate decision we take.

We are constantly looking into legislative compliance and directing choices towards suppliers and partners who pursue such compliance. We are committed to reducing the impact of using chemical products that are harmful to people and the environment throughout the production chain, reflecting the latest technical knowledge on the subject, and we adopt management techniques and tools with the aim of achieving continuous improvement.

Here at LARIOTEX, we have taken steps to publicise the contents of this policy mainly within the company, so that all levels of the company know about and pursue it.

At the same time, all the tools are in place to publicise it with the external parties we are in contact with, essentially customers and suppliers (as they have a direct link with the manufacturing cycle), but also the relevant associations, communities and public institutions, to ensure they are increasingly aware of sustainability issues.

We are also adopting the principles of the circular economy, a system in which all activities – starting with extraction and production – are organised so that someone’s waste becomes someone else’s resources.

What have we already done?


  • We have created a green line that’s always available to customers: LariotexECO.
  • We have implemented the 4sustainability® Chemical Management Protocol to reduce toxic and harmful substances in products and production processes, in line with the ZDHC “roadmap to zero”.
  • To meet the requirements of Inditex’s “Join Life” campaign, we have increased the purchase volumes of sustainable raw materials, taking part in initiatives like BCI™ (Better Cotton Initiative), with investments in research into LENZING™ ECOVERO™ certified ecological fabrics and in GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification procedures.
  • We have certified our polyester, viscose, cotton and linen fabrics in compliance with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

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