Chemical management

A virtuous, clean and responsible system.

The 4sustainability chemical management system implemented by LARIOTEX comprises a series of initiatives and new operating practices.


  • We regularly map all our fabric suppliers;
  • We have adopted the 4sustainability PRSL and the ZDHC MRSL, which we use to certify all our suppliers;
  • We carry out an assessment of chemical risks associated with our products to identify any groups of substances at risk;
  • We have a sampling procedure in place for our main suppliers and their items in order to check for pollutants and relative contamination levels;
  • We have set up a Chemical Management Team, and also offer a training course for in-house staff;
  • We have adopted a Chemical Management procedure within the company aimed at reducing the risk of non-compliant purchases;
  • We have implemented a new labelling process for inbound goods in order to guarantee traceability;
  • We are in constant communication with our partners abroad in order to promote more sustainable production models;
  • We carry out periodic audits and system reviews with the help of an external partner, so as to ensure that non-conformities are managed correctly and that our systems continuously improve.

Here are the tangible results of LARIOTEX’s chemical management:

An initial round of tests on our products shows a level of compliance to the strictest market standards of more than 85%.

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